Gardening Christmas List

The countdown to Christmas is on but have you finished your Christmas shopping? If you still have a few final bits to get and you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at some of our suggestions in our gardening Christmas list. Some are perfect for the avid gardener, and others could be suitable for those who just like doing the bare minimum. Hopefully, this helps you out in avoiding any last-minute panic buying! 

Gardening gloves 

Regardless of whether someone spends every weekend in the garden or only try to stay on top of keeping the garden from becoming a jungle, gardening gloves are always going to be helpful. It’s the kind of thing where you also need more than one pair as inevitably one always gets lost. 

These bamboo gloves (that come in sizes for women and men) made it onto the Gardeners’ World list of top gloves so you know they’re going to be good. We love that they are of great value and not too heavy-duty – it can be a pain wearing gloves that feel constrictive but we say these are spot on.

Paper pot-making kit

Since the pandemic, more and more people have been growing their own flowers and vegetables. This handy paper pot-making kit from Burgon & Ball allows you to make pots for seedlings out of newspaper, meaning you get to recycle and cut back on the tools you need to get growing. All you do is roll a strip of paper around the wooden cylinder, tuck one end to create the bottom of the pot and then press it into the wooden base. Slowly remove the cylinder and ta-da, you have your own seedling pot! What is even better about this pot is that you can plant it directly in the ground as the paper will break down in the soil. 

Personalised gardening tools

Not on the High Street is known for being the place to go if you want to buy anything with someone’s name on it. And what more could someone want than their own personalised trowel and fork set? It is especially perfect for anyone with their own allotment – no arguing over who these beautiful copper tools belong to.

Children’s wheelbarrow 

You’re never too young to get into gardening and kids love to get involved with what their parents are up to. Channel that eagerness in to help with your garden to-do list thanks to this sweet children’s wheelbarrow. Whether you ask your little one to load it up with leaves from the garden or to transport weeds (that you have helped them to identify!) to the compost bin, they’re going to love this. 

Seed bombs

If you sadly can’t see all of your friends and family this year, you can still send them a perfect present in the form of this letterbox set of nine colourful seed bombs. It contains different varieties that can be planted in the garden, helping to create a lovely wildflower patch or pots. What we also love about this is that because it can fit through a letterbox, it has a lower carbon footprint and even the packaging is FSC certified. It is a great idea for anyone, but particularly thoughtful for those who really care about the environment.


You still have time to finish your Christmas shopping so don’t worry too much if you’ve just suddenly realised the date and are worrying about getting everything done! If in doubt, you can always pop to your local garden centre and have a quick browse there. Perrywood in particular has some excellent gifts so we would recommend a visit to their Tiptree or Sudbury site.