Garden Trends 2024 - Sustainable and Personalised Outdoor Spaces

Drought-Tolerant Plantings

Concerns with extreme weather are causing gardeners across the country to seek out water-wise plantings (or plants that can stand up to drought).Need drought-tolerant plantings? Opt for water-wise plants such as Safari Rose Aloe,  Ignition Fuchsia Salvia, and Supervivum ‘black hens and chicks’.

Wellness Gardens

The connection between gardening and well-being continues to strengthen, with increased interest in fragrant plants and must-have plants that bring gardeners joy.  Want feel-good scented plants? Go with Swan Lake Mock Orange, Scent from Heaven Angel of Hope Dianthus, and Summer Soul Arabian Jasmine.

Front Garden Redesign

Many gardeners are interested in redesigning the front garden this year. There are many reasons for this, but one that stands out is that people are staying put in their current homes and want to improve the look and usability of their front garden.

Open air sitting rooms

Octavia Hill (1838–1912), a founder of the National Trust firmly believed in the significance of “the healthy gift of air and the joy of plants and flowers” for everyone. In an era marked by a decline in natural biodiversity, particularly in the UK, creating open-air sitting rooms—whether in private, public, or community gardens—takes on a crucial role. These spaces become green, revitalizing havens that actively support biodiversity. Through environmentally conscious construction and the inclusion of plants that attract pollinators, these open-air sitting rooms offer a new perspective, fostering an increased appreciation for the environment. Serving as nature-rich sanctuaries, these sitting rooms provide individuals with opportunities to reconnect, reflect, or spend quality time with loved ones, all amidst the beauty and fragility of nature.

Texture in hardscapes

The choices of materials for gardens have been undergoing a transformation, moving away from the sleek uniformity of smooth paving, rendered walls, and precise stainless steel. Instead, designers are embracing textured surfaces, incorporating characterful timber, textured renders, and riven paved stones, as well as utilizing materials like terracotta, ceramic, and encaustic tiles. This shift introduces pattern, contrast, and depth into garden designs. By celebrating nature and traditional English craftsmanship, designers can carve, tool, or mix textures over large areas or specific sections, creating spaces that invite tactile interaction. Whether it’s a rough, grainy, or smooth texture, meticulous attention to these details makes gardens stand out, appealing, and elevated.

Want to get your garden on trend for the new year?

Whether you are planning a full-scale redesign of your garden or there is a particular corner you want to revamp, have a think about what your priorities are and how you use your garden or would like to use it. If you want some extra help, get in touch and we would be happy to turn your ideas and dreams into a reality.