Contemporary Garden and Bespoke Garden Room, Colchester Essex

Colchester, Essex

Our client asked for a garden which contained a bespoke garden studio which could be used for having friends and family over as well as using as a quiet outdoor retreat.

We also designed a patio covered by a modern white pergola immediately off the property in a contemporary 1200mm x 600mm porcelain tile. Blinds extend down from the pergola to provide the option of closing this space off.

Stepping down into the garden leads to a central focal point in the form of a handmade water bowl which gently bubbles adding an ambience to the site. A spacious lawn adds a lush green space to the scheme.

A bespoke cedar clad garden room adds another room to the property and continues the modern feel of this garden.

A 'Secret Garden' has been created which provides an intimate space in which a cup of coffee or breakfast can be enjoyed whilst enjoying the ambience of a slate clad water feature wall.

We designed mature Carpinus trees into the space to screen the neighbouring properties as well as planting evergreen Yew hedging to provide a deep green backdrop to the garden. Herbaceous perennial planting adds seasonal colour and adds texture as well as personality to this extraordinary garden.

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